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Oregon Low Income Home Repair Programs

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So, my mom's house is falling apart around her. I don't make enough money to help her. She is disabled and on social security. If anyone knows of any grants or assistance programs in Oregon, curry county area, it would be wonderful information to have. Please help me help her.
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We are two elderly women living in a mobile home that we own in a park. The kitchen floor seems to be sinking and we don't have the money to repair it. There are a few other issues but this is the worst. We only have our ss and a small income from a part time job. Can anyone help us.
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 in response to ...   hi i am from colorado and had the same problem, i was able to get a new furnace, windows, refrig, and roof repairs from the weatherization program all free so try to contact your local weatherization program, i bet they can help. good luck
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need help in WI. I'm disable and on ss no money home is falling apart.

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