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Oregon Low Income Home Repair Programs

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Hi. We are an elderly and disabled women and an army veteran disabled man in Oregon, in need of roof and deck repair. My daughter went through the deck, it has dry rot. And the ceiling looks like is collapsing. Has tons of water leaks. We have put tarps on the roof. PLEASE help us. I've sent requests to the emails above. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you!
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I live in a mobile home That The floor in The one bedroom is Very soft like it cave in took The bed bramey-keo out and just mattress in it im That nervous ,The bathroom floor The tubs facing in big hole in floor by The tub,The kitchen sink going To cave to.the electric only works in half The trailer,have to use a extension cord to get electric in half of home.the hot determine heater only keeps hot water for less Then 5 min. To give my child bath we have To heat water on stove.theres mildew on front and back door,back door Window is broke to.front door don't lock carpet in The home is from when it WAS built in 1960.,so 50-60 hears old.Its a 2 bedroom but There's 6 of Us 2 in The one bdrm,( my oldest and her son) The sec.bdrm has the 2 other girls, and me and grandson is in livingroom, I have permission To add a Room or Salad livingroom so my child could have his own Room but thats not possible with me only getting ssi,and my child is disabled to like me so I recieve ssi for him To. I tried to get weatherazation but was told that even though i never recieved help that whomever owned The mobilehome before me got help about 7 years ago and a place only can get help once in 10 years,3 years before This home is eligible. Any ideas? I would pay,for all repairs myself but i have only poor credit,no cash,only could make payments and WITH no credit hahaha not posible ,im not Well enough To do myself even if i could get materials,so..anyone know anything might help me?. Thank you
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So, my mom's house is falling apart around her. I don't make enough money to help her. She is disabled and on social security. If anyone knows of any grants or assistance programs in Oregon, curry county area, it would be wonderful information to have. Please help me help her.
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We are two elderly women living in a mobile home that we own in a park. The kitchen floor seems to be sinking and we don't have the money to repair it. There are a few other issues but this is the worst. We only have our ss and a small income from a part time job. Can anyone help us.
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 in response to ...   hi i am from colorado and had the same problem, i was able to get a new furnace, windows, refrig, and roof repairs from the weatherization program all free so try to contact your local weatherization program, i bet they can help. good luck
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need help in WI. I'm disable and on ss no money home is falling apart.

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